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March 09, 2012
Written by
Linda Mattson

I’ve been feeling like the big grizzly bears this winter season and have been hibernating for a bit.  I had an operation the week before Christmas and found out that I really like laying around.  Then I think I was just tired and the cold dark nights just make good snuggle in bed time.  Ahhhh, memories.  Now, I’m feeling energized again and ready for the warm weather and beginning my old working habits.  Photos, nothing is better!

I love looking back on wedding photos and have had fun going through Nate & Morgans wedding photos for this blog post.  One of my favorite moments of the day was when we left Temple Square and out on the street.  It was fun and I love the way the fountain pictures turned out, if I do say so myself.  The flowers at the reception, oh I loved!



MOST MEMORABLE:  The wedding ceremony, being married to my sweetheart and best friend.  Taking fun pictures afterward around City Creek.

DECORATION:   I liked the centerpieces and the backdrop. 

FUNNIEST MOMENT:  When I threw the bouquet right into my “new aunt” Sue’s face.

ADVICE:  Don’t stress so much about the little things on the wedding day, always remember that the important thing is that you’re marrying the one you love and everything else will be okay. 
Keep it simple. 
Have the ceremony later in the day so that you can jump right into the reception, if you’re having one.



MOST MEMORABLE:   The Luncheon, having the parents speak about us. Also, cutting the cake; thought it was funny when Morgan went crazy shoving the cake all over my face and tux. Lastly, I thought it was hilarious when Morgan hurled the bouquet at Sue’s face and she went ballistic. 

FUNNIEST MOMENT:  drove 100 yards from the reception to the carwash, didn’t let the crap stay on my car for one night. 

HONEYMOON:  La Jolla San Diego!


 The reception