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December 30, 2011
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Linda Mattson

As the end of the year approaches towards us, I think back on what a great year I have had.  What a year to celebrate!  I traveled to Europe  and spent some needed time with my fabulous husband who I love dearly.  I continue watching my three kids grow into adults, they are making me so proud.  With my photography, I have been able to meet some fabulous new people that I consider friends now.  Yes, I am a very lucky lady!

To begin the celebration, I’m sharing some of my favorite photos I took in Europe (such an amazing place!)

We begin in Rome, I fell head over heels for Rome!  I loved everything, even the crazy drivers, although they are nuts in Rome but there is method to their madness.  They would honk their horns twice, beep-beep, and they would go regardless, so pedestrians watch out!  Two lane freeways, not a problem because there is plenty of room for 4 cars wide, I think they learned by experience.  It was our joke, can you imagine driving like that back in Utah?  Tim just laughed and said, “No, the drivers would follow us for miles flipping us off”.  It made me laugh!

Rome is very big, and everything is old with so much charm.  My favorite thing is the small alleys they have all over and as we walk down them they are filled with shops, cafes, people and cars.  Everywhere we walked it was amazing, just look.


The Vatican

I stood in the Sistine Chapel and looked up at the ceiling, it was magical and I could not stop staring.

There is so much to see in three short hours during our tour.  When I finally took my eyes off of the walls and the ceilings, the mosaic floors were just as impressive!

As we walked out of the Sistine Chapel, we walk into St. Peters Basilica.  The basilica is the burial site of its namesake Saint Peter, who was one of the twelve apostles.   This is the Basilica center around the Papal Altar where only the Pope celebrates Mass.  (St. Peters

The end of a long day, we walked down the streets of Rome and found a cafe.  All of the  food was delicious.

Another day we were able to go to. . . . . Need I even say?

The Coliseum.  This is what Tim was most excited to see.  What surprised me the most was that this amazing structure is in the middle of a busy city.


After we left, we wanted to see more but finding a taxi was a joke.  They are everywhere and all full.

Finally we made it to the Trevi fountain and thew a coin in, let’s see if my wish comes true? 

 If only we had more time, I would have love to she her show, I am a big fan!

 Then we had to say good bye to a city I fell in love with!   Come back, Venice is next!

  • December 30, 2011

    Looks like so much fun. Beautiful pictures.

  • December 31, 2011
    Jerry Vincent

    Your pictures have only confirmed to me the fact that I really need to get to Rome as soon as possible. I have always enjoyed your artistic eye and love the vantage point in which you view and display your world through your photos.

    Belle immagini, da una bella persona, bravo!


  • January 12, 2012

    Every single one of those were amazing!!! How were you able to get such perfect pictures on the
    inside? I would love to have a few of your favorites…..
    your are truly amazing , love you!!

    Holley 🙂